English version of the cover texts in Tore Ljøkjel`s CDs.
Medvandrer / Companion 2007
Pust av himmel / Breath of heaven 2005 Info
En håndfull håp / A handful of hope 2002 Info
Uten ord / Without words 2000
About Tore

Tore Ljøkjel was born in Molde on the west coast of Norway in 1969, but is now living in Kristiansand at the south coast.

His first experience with music was on the recorder on Molde public school of music. After that a few years of learning the clarinet and the oboe followed, before he persuaded his dream and bought a saxophone with money he received on his confirmation. After finishing studies to become a teacher at Kristiansand teachers college specialising in music, he worked a few years as primary school teacher and "peoples high school" teacher.

In the autumn of 2000 he released his debut album "Uten ord" ("Without words"), and has since then become a fulltime musician with many different assignments:

Concerts from church towers and from the top deck of the Hurtigruten Cruise (Norwegian coastal voyage), arrangements for businesses, weddings, funerals, conferences, seminars and solo concerts.

Tore Ljøkjel is self-educated on the saxophone, and has developed a special timbre, or sound which touches many listeners.

-I`m not primarily trying to entertain, but trying to mediate by "singing" the unique language of music through the saxophone, Tore tells us.

-I hope that the saxophone can touch the deeper strings resonating with sorrow and joy, everyday life and celebration, everything that life consists of.

Alone or with Oscar Jansen, his regular pianist, he travels all over Norway giving concerts.

-My hope is that the simple tones can reach listeners of all ages, from a language-less infant to people on their death beds.

-I wish that my music can help people to find strength, tranquility and calmness in a hectic everyday life, but I cannot and have no intention of being an interpreter of my listeners life.

"...this tone-language does not mainly
appeal to our intellect, which is stimulated hard and often, The language Tore Ljøkjel mediates is different. You are taken into a world where you later on discovers that you were surrounded by grace."

Tor Øystein Vaaland
former General secretary on the council for mental health.
NRK- employee and author